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As much as 80 percent of a company's value is often in intangible assets. The companies that develop and manage their intangible assets have higher profitability than those who do not.

What are intangible assets?

Intangible assets are, for example, a logo, a patent, a customer register, agreements, business methods and expertise. It is important to identify your company's intangible assets and make a strategy for managing them. Then you give your company the best conditions for development.

Examples of intangible assets

Test your business

A first step is to become aware of the intangible assets you have in your company. You get a good understanding by doing our test - In the spotlight.

Test your business – In the spotlight

Make a strategy for your intangible assets

Your intellectual property strategy describes how your intangible assets should be used and protected and has a strong connection to your business plan.

Read more about intellectual property strategy

Important things to think about early 

Register your trademark

A trademark is a symbol or word that characterizes your product or service. For example, it may consist of one or more words, a logo or sounds and melodies. With the help of a registered trademark, you are in control of who gets to do business with your branded products and services.

You register your trademark with PRV. It must be unique and distinguishable from other brands and company names. Remember that your trademark should have a name that works in the language area you want to operate. There are plenty of examples of launched products and brands that have proven to have inappropriate names in some languages.

Take a look in the Swedish Trademark Database so that the name you want to use does not already exist.

Swedish Trademark Database (opens in new window)

Register a domain name

Most companies want a trademark that works on the internet, it is an important place for marketing. Then you have to register a domain name - an address on the internet. If the domain name is to be the same or at least clearly related to the name of your company or trademark, it is important that you register your domain name as early as possible. You can do this while applying for company name and trademark.

You register your domain name with one of the Swedish Internet Foundation's resellers. The Swedish Internet Foundation is responsible for the top Swedish domain .se. They are also responsible for the .nu domain.

Look in the Swedish Internet Foundation's database so that the domain name you want to use does not already exist. Do this before registering the corresponding name as a trademark.

The Swedish Internet Foundation's database with domain names (external website)

More about domain names on the Swedish Internet Foundation's website

Think about whether you need other top-level domains, such as .com, depending on your market.

Give your company a name

You should choose a name for your company. You register the company name with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Look in the register Näringslivsregistret so that the company name you want to use does not already exist. Make sure your company name works in the language areas you want to operate.

Choose a trademark name

Näringslivsregistret - The Swedish Companies Registration Office (external website)

The Swedish Companies Registration Office (external website)

Remember social media

If you are planning social media marketing, remember to open accounts early in the process, with your company name or trademark in social channels, as well.

Protect a design

If you have created a unique design on a product, you may need to register your design. This prevents competitors from using it. With the help of the registration it is you who has control over who is allowed to do business with your design.

Information on how to apply for design registration

If you have invented something

If you have a technical solution to a problem, you may need to apply for a patent that gives you exclusive right, so that no one else will take your idea. Please note that you must not make your idea public until you have filed a patent application.

With the help of a patent, you are in control of how your invention may be used.

Information about how to apply for a patent

Copyright you get automatically

For example, if you have taken a photo, produced a picture, created music or a movie, then you have automatic copyright to the work you created. That is, no one else can use it without your permission. You do not need to apply for copyright. It arises automatically when you have created your work.

More about copyright

Advice and support along the way

PRV's customer support

You are welcome to contact PRV's customer support for questions about trademarks, patents, designs and copyright.

Phone: +46 8 782 28 00

Contact PRV customer support

Get help from a business promoter

You can discuss your intangible assets with a business promoter. They can often give you free advice and support regarding innovations, entrepreneurship, your invention, idea, product or design.

Here you will find a list of some of the promoter organisations in Sweden.

The website, aimed to entrepreneurs, also has a service where you can find advisors, in the region of Sweden where you operate.

Find advisors on (external website)

PRV's training and courses

Please, have a look at the PRV School online, a basic training online where you learn more about intangible assets and how they can lead to increased profitability. The PRV School online takes 2-3 hours in self-study.

PRV School online

PRV offers many different courses on intangible assets. There are basic courses in trademarks, designs and patents, but also customized possibilities where you can tailor your own training.

Ask for more information on courses, send an email to

If you need more basis for decisions

Intellectual property databases contain large amounts of information. If you need more evidence for strategic decisions in your company, you can, at a cost, order in-depth analyses of, for example, trends, competition and what it looks like in your industry, linked to patents, trademarks and designs. Among other things, you can find out if there are trademarks that are similar to yours or if you have free space to launch a new product on the market.

If you want in-depth analyses, you can turn to PRV Consulting, PRV's consultancy service, which performs advanced searches in international databases.

More information about PRV Consulting, PRV's consultancy service