About us

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV, is the authority for intellectual property. We constantly work with cutting edge ideas which enable us to strengthen Sweden's growth and competitiveness.

Our vision is to be the obvious center in Sweden for intellectual property. We also aim to be an internationally respected, viable customer-oriented agency. Through our work we stimulate Swedish innovation and entrepreneurship and promote the technical and economic progress of our society.

Our main task is to promote growth and strengthen the country's capacity for innovation and competitiveness. By increasing knowledge and awareness we want entrepreneurs and others in the innovation community to understand that management of intellectual property is the key way to increase profitability. We achieve this through communication and education.

Practice areas

Our mission covers such areas as supporting innovations through patent, design and trademark protection. Copyright issues also fall within our area of operation. Moreover, at PRV you apply for a certificate of publication.

Our expertise

At PRV, you will find many specialized engineers, lawyers, communicators and other experts with extensive knowledge in all areas of intellectual property law. With our combined expertise, we work to increase business owners' awareness of how they can use both intellectual property rights and assets as a strategic business tool: it increases the value of the business and strengthens their competitiveness.

We are approximately 350 employees in Stockholm and Söderhamn.

Search services

Detached from our official agency mission, we also offer and perform search services in patent, trademark and design for clients at a cost. You can use the processed information as a basis for strategic business decisions.

Proud PCT authority

We are proud to be a PCT authority for over 40 years. The acronym stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty, an international agreement that allows you to file a single application in one language and get an international filing date for your case.