Knowledge and support from PRV

Intellectual property is an important part of any enterprise. We give you advice and support and we offer you consultancy services that give you the knowledge you need.

PRV wants to support you in using your intangible assets in the best possible way to boost your profit. We offer you support in several ways.

PRV's customer support answers your questions

You are always welcome to contact our customer support if you have any questions about patents, trademarks, designs, periodicals or copyrights.

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Our library is a rich source of knowledge

In our library you get free access to large amounts of information in databases and in literature on patents and technology, trademarks, designs and copyright. Warm welcome during regular opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am to 12 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 12 am to 3 pm

The basics of database search

The library can offer you a free service where you learn the basics of database search. You will get guidance on how to find information about patents, trademarks and designs and also how to search scientific literature.

You can also get basic information about different forms of protection, mainly about patents and the process of applying for patents.

Number of participants: One or more
Time: 45 minutes
Location: At PRV in Stockholm
Booking: or drop in at the library's regular opening hours.

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More information about PRV's library

PRV School online - for learning the basics

In the PRV School, you gain knowledge of intangible assets and intellectual property, along with interesting examples from the reality of business. The PRV School involves two or three hours of independent study. You get a basic overall introduction to intellectual property.

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Expert services for your needs

PRV has experts in all areas of intellectual property and can offer you training and advanced consultancy services that give you the knowledge you need to make good decisions.

These advanced services are provided on a cost basis.

Take the next step with our education

We offer basic, advanced and customized courses. We can tailor courses to your particular business needs. We also offer courses as "take away" which means that our experts come to your company and teach on the spot, so that you can take the next step in your business development together with your employees.

Order or attend an education (information in Swedish)

Order consultancy services from PRV Inter Pat

PRV has experts in all technical areas, patents, trademarks, designs. We have a rich international professional experience, access to the most relevant and comprehensive databases worldwide. In our searches, we use the most advanced search tools in the world to find the data you need. The searches are carried out by patent engineers, trademark experts or design experts at PRV.

We offer in-depth analyses and you will receive written reports from us. For example, you may find out if there are trademarks that resemble yours, or patents that have solved the same or similar problem as yours. These reports give you valuable basis for important decisions.

Our consultancy services are provided on a cost basis. We offer searches at fixed prices or customized commissions for which we charge by quotation.

PRV's consultancy services (PRV Inter Pat)