Fees for designs

When you submit your application for design registration, you must also pay the application fee.

Application fees for design registration in Sweden

Filing a designapplication using e-service
Filing fee for registration of 1 design using our electronic services. One five-year period.  2 000 SEK

Other service refers to an application that has been submitted in another way than PRV's e-service, including applications that are submitted via e-mail.

Apply for design registration - via paper or e-mail

Filing fee for registration of 1 design via paper och e-mail

2 500 SEK
Apply for another five-year period

For additional five-year period of 1 design. Applies in conjunction with first registration, see above.

2 200 SEK

Additional fees

Additional fees for design
Multiple registration fee for additional design. 1 400 SEK
Announcement fee for each image in addition to the first. 200 SEK
Class fee for each additional class a design or several designs from a multiple registration are classified in. 500 SEK
Storage fee for each specimen. 800 SEK
Surcharge when renewal fees are paid after the registration period has expired. 500 SEK

Renewal fees

Renewal fees for design
Renewal fee for a registered design using our electronic services. Per five-year period. 
Class fee, multiple registration fee and storage fee are additional, see below.
2 500 SEK
Other renewal, 5 years.  3 000 SEK

New owner and license

New owner and license
Application for register entry of a new owner 900 SEK
Application for register entry of a new license 900 SEK


Priority document 350 SEK
Certificate of registered design 100 SEK

Community design

Community design
Fee for transmittal of application for Community design to EUIPO 500 SEK
Fee for issuing the certificate, representative before EUIPO 1 200 SEK