Before the application

Start by thinking through how you want to use a potential patent. Count on investing a lot of time, money and effort. Remember that even if your invention is patentable, it does not necessarily have commercial value.

To protect your idea further, you might want to consider supplementing your patent with other forms of intellectual property protection. Sometimes it can be to necessary to file several patent applications. For example, if your idea concerns a larger system with many details, each of which needs individual protection.

To make sure that your invention works and is up to standard, you can make a prototype. A professionally produced prototype can also be good to show potential business partners. Please note that the patent application procedure is a written one and you do not normally submit any devices or models with your application.

To move your idea forward, you might need to contact external parties for advice, networking or financing. If you do, it is good to be prepared and know your market, what your needs are and how you can minimize the risks when you disclose your idea to potential business partners. Remember not to make your idea public before you have filed your patent application.

You can research your technical area yourself by searching for public patents in the Swedish Patent Database and esp@cenet. If you need guidance you are welcome to contact us.

Espacenet (external website)

Swedish Patent Database (external website)

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