Capacity development

PRV helps countries develop and grow through capacity development and use of intellectual property in cooperation with WIPO and SIDA.

International training programmes

PRV focuses on training at international level in intellectual property – copyright, patent, trademark and design protection.

International training programmes

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Cooperation with WIPO and Sida

Intellectual property as a tool for international trade, economic growth, sustainable development and preservation of cultural heritage.

Information in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

PRV wants to help tackle the spread of the virus and the safety of all participating in the international training programmes is our highest priority. Consequently, for the time being PRV is preparing all activities related to the International Training Programmes in virtual settings. When the situation of the pandemic is improves and international trainings seems feasible, we will resume trainings in a physical setting.

Regardless if the programmes are in a virtual or physical setting, our programmes aim to meet the same objectives and will be delivered at the highest possible standard allowing for networking and interaction.

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