Information for customers in regard of the Corona Pandemic

PRV wants to help tackle the spread of the virus. Therefore we have chosen to enforce a few restrictions. Our aim is to continue to  provide as normal a service as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the customer.

Limited open hours

Until further notice, our offices in Stockholm and Söderhamn are open to the public between 9:00-11:00 am. Many of us work from home. Therefore, we have the best opportunity to help you with your case digitally, or by phone.

As usual, you can reach us via email us or telephone.

Email to Customer support

Tel: 08-782 28 00

More contact detail available here

PRV:s Library closed

Until further notice PRV:s library is closed to the public.

You are welcome to contact the Library via email.

Or telephone: 08 782 26 50


Make use of our online services

Many at PRV work from home. Therefore, we recommend that you use our electronic services as much as possible, instead of submitting paperwork.

Extended time limit to respond to technical opinions

Because of Covid-19 it is possible to have an extra extension of the time limit for responding to the technical opinion in a patent application.

Upon request you can extend the time limit from two to four months.

Make use of our online services to extend the time limit.

or send your request to:
PRV (Patent- och registreringsverket)
Box 5055
102 42 Stockholm

Facilitations in the processing of international patent applications

Due to the corona pandemic, WIPO wants to inform about
the possibility according to PCT to have late fixed remedies accepted and recommends other authorities within the PCT system to also apply that possibility. PRV follows that recommendation.


If an hearing is required in your case it will be done digitally. If so, we will contact you with instructions.